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.... I have been amazed and delighted by all your work this week Christine, thank you. You are an absolute powerhouse."​Karen Scully, Louise Kiely Casting -CDG award for "Normal People"

My name is Chris. 

I hail from Bethlehem, Pa.

2024 Reel

I have been acting in plays, films, tv, web series and podcasts for a long time, my favorite work being the development of new work--plays and film...I began in the downtown theater scene workshopping a solo piece with Mabou Mines' treasure, the late Ruth Maleczech, and then starting a fledgling theater company with acting class friends (where we did mostly Sam Shepard plays. )

Acting in experimental film with East Village artists was a highlight of that was getting to travel for the Edinburgh Fringe performing in the festival, my first real gig, or staying in Melbourne for a month with a filmmaker friend screen-testing & being a part of her script... Later, becoming a longtime associate of the award winning off-Broadway theater company, The Barrow Group, afforded me the opportunity to act in (and frequently produce) many plays, readings and workshops, honing my craft and then studying how to teach what I learned there from Seth Barrish and Lee Brock. Lately most work has been in TV and film, have produced/acted in a few short films and  have fallen in love with developing new work. Again. Look forward to getting back to live performing, but until then am really enjoying work for the large and small screens.

2024 Reel

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"Among the supporting players, Christine M. Campbell is a gem as Baxter's histrionic suffering wife...."

The Independent Critic

“Chris Campbell in particular, was talented and energetic,  Campbell had, however, the rare ability to always appear as if she was on camera, as if a million eyes were watching her, while still communicating with focus and intention to those in her on-stage reality.” 

NY Int'l Fringe Review

Bang Big boasts some “ bang-up performances: Chris Campbell as a



The Village Voice

"1984 features electric performances by Chris Campbell..."

New Yorker Goings On About Town

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