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from Chris's email to you...

Uncorrected clip from Kate DiRienzi's Short "Nun's Beach"

Thank you for watching.

In other news before Christmas, I had such a great time working w/ Karen Scully of Louise Kiely Casting, Dublin, in Manuel Puro's 5-day workshop. She left me the nicest feedback--

"…The second tape just blew me away. It was so incredibly vulnerable and open. From the very first second I was devastated watching this woman. She was in such hellish anguish. I was totally with you all the way and I could imagine seeing this in the film. This is grief I recognize; messy, confused, undignified and ugly. I saw and recognized all that in your performance in the second take. Such an incredibly brave and inspiring read on this. I have been amazed and delighted by all your work this week Christine, thank you. You are an absolute powerhouse."


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Greg Grunberg is Amazing!

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