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Y’all. Working with @ccampbellacts on self tapes has been revolutionary! Simple. Clear. Transformative direction. Thank you Chris for your kindness and impeccable coaching. 
If you’re an actor, do yourself a favor and work with Chris! 

Carmen Nikae, Actor



Practice Groups:

Weekly practice groups are held in 4 week blocks and are limited in size (5) to maximize individual attention with the added plus of peer feedback and collaboration.

--Because of limited number of actors/group, a $100 deposit is required to save your space and the remaining balance is due before the first session. See payment options below.

--If you plan on taping an actual audition during the practice session please check in with me beforehand, and send your sides to both me and a reader from our group

--Please let me know asap if you are unable to attend a session.  I am willing to do one 1/2 make up per 4 week session if absent. ***Contact me within 3 days to schedule so I can accommodate your request, I may not be able to schedule after that.

--I can record your session on Zoom but it is preferable for you to have your phone set up to record yourself so you can view your work at your own convenience.  Recordings provided are not to be posted anywhere on the internet for public viewing please.


"I am so very grateful for you and your teachings this year. From Script to Screen, to quarantine, to camera tips and hacks... it's been incredible. I personally pushed through a lot, and I want to thank you for your continued support and patience. Through all of the struggle, it has made me feel like a working artist on a weekly basis." 

Mel Gallo, Actor

Individual Coaching

$125/hr (please inquire about special rates for returning clients)

Coaching rates are for 1 hour, though I will do a 1/2 hour coaching for $65.  Please Venmo your payment before the scheduled time. Last minute cancellations may be subject to a $25 fee if not rescheduled within 5 business days.

"Thank you so much for another great month of class! I have gained so much confidence since starting to work with you. The tools, along with your guidance, have really helped me to let go and try things I wouldn't have thought of or necessarily been brave enough to try. I'm truly starting to feel way more confident in making bold choices in my auditions. I'm just SO grateful to work with you each month." 

Katy Hill, Actor

I got an audition last week for a small 1-line co-star on the Equalizer and I found out this week that I booked it! It was a big win to even get the audition so to have booked it is just amazing. It really reaffirms the importance of all the work I have done with you, so THANK YOU.

Chris Harral, Actor

Coaching Packages

4-1 hour coaching sessions at a reduced rate $360

Payment Options

Venmo, Zelle, Pay Pal, CashAp or check

I offer on-going coaching packages at a reduced price. Clients use this block of sessions to practice weekly, or tape auditions with me as they come up--scheduling week to week.  Coaching packages must be used within 2 months.

Coaching and Practice Group Fees must be paid before the start of the sessions. A $25 late cancellation fee will be charged for coaching cancelled with less than 24 hours notice if the coaching is not scheduled within 5 business days.